Christian Woynowski
Tel.: 0172/8967244

"Dog Is Dead"

A handdrawn portrait used as a part of an cover artwork.



The Artist

My Name is Christian Woynowski and I am a UX and Communication Designer based in Berlin. Before I went to Berlin I have lived in the sunny south of Germany between mountains and lovely cows while i was developing my creative skills.

I've been working creative since I could handle my first scissor to build entire ships out of paper and glue. While playing in a band I found my skills in creating messages for artworks.

After 20 years a dream came true and I settled down in Berlin to study Interaction and Communication-Design.

Music still plays a big role in my life besides my lovely girl. Whenever I suffer because of a lack of Inspiration I am able to recreate myself by playing some music or enjoying the city with my sandbox love.

"I'm sure that the smoke of the city will never blur my eyes and I wont forget the roots of my lovely hometown."

The Project

Known.Surroundings was created to give all of my works a home and meaning. My work covers graphic design, web design and a few music productions.

But what does it mean? Everyone knows that feeling when you get home from a stressful day and you immediatly calm down just by the fact of this particular feeling of having arrived.

Known.Surroundings describes the goal of my work perfectly by adapting exactly that feeling in the creation of your new design,message and artwork.

The logo is based on the concept of a spider chart reacting to the change of time. As the market changes the appearance of your message should develop as well without leaving it`s roots behind.


It´s my intention to create something for you that speaks for itself. My works aim to be subtle but paired with a good deal of information to deliver your statement. I`m able to offer you a variety of ways to present your message or content.
Your Message to the World is based on you and the context of your surroundings


Illustrations and graphics for print and web.

Web layouts and implementation.

Layouts for books and magazines.

Concepting and User Experience.

For further information about my work or a future cooperation you can message me here .